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Amazon Relaxes In-App Purchase Prices

Amazon has relaxed in-app purchasing prices, allowing them to be over the previous limit of $20 for the first time. This has only been possible because of a tightening of parental controls over user accounts.

It was previously worried that if a child got hold of their parent's password, they could run up hundreds of dollars of charges before anything could be done to halt it. With the new system in place, after entering a password to gain the ability to purchase in-app items, users have just 15 minutes to follow through with the buy. After that time the password must be re-entered.

Despite the password system though, Amazon still touts the ease of purchasing from within apps, utilising the famous one-click transaction model used on the retail website.

TechCrunch reports (opens in new tab) that it's important that application producers are able to offer high cost additions as it is how they make the majority of their money. The biggest grossest games are often the ones that can inspire large numbers of high value purchases.

You'd have thought that this could have been handled a long time ago - perhaps if parents didn't just give their passwords to their children. Would it be that difficult to avoid letting on what it is?

Apparentlty so. Some parents even went as far as suing Apple (opens in new tab) over its in-app purchasing policies.

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