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Data Center Power Bill : Have you seen yours lately?

It’s great to see that Oracle’s recent research has highlighted that so many managers throughout Europe do have visibility of their electricity bills. However, to our mind, the real problem lies in that fact that most CIOs don't.

In fact according to our recent research (Samsung research – CIO Connect UK 2011) a staggering 85% of UK CIOs do not see their datacentre power bill.

This must change. European CIOs need to become savvy and take a leaf out of our friends across the pond’s book, who have been insisting on visibility of their power bills for nearly ten years.

What’s more, CIOs need to take the time to ‘look inside the box’ in their datacentre and become knowledgeable in what components are affecting the bottom line P&L. As well as the power saving and sustainability argument of taking more of an interest, it will also allow the CIO to have a more informed, positive dialogue with the CFO. And of course, if the CIO can provide cost cutting solutions, it opens up more available IT budget to spend on other resources!

One of the key areas most CIOs struggle with: not knowing what the most power consuming component in the data centre is. The majority think that storage followed by the CPU would drain the most energy. However, most would be shocked to see that DRAM memory was, in fact, the choke point or the barrier to performance as well as the biggest power drain on the system.

As an industry we are just about managing to keep our heads above water when it comes to satisfying the consumer’s thirst for accessible data on the move, the fact that the datacentre is now accounting for 23% of global ICT power consumption, comes as no surprise. We must be taking very seriously any way to be more efficient and simply having sight of the electricity bill every month is one simple step in the right direction, and a step that every CIO can take immediately.