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French Politician Appeals To Gamers

Politicians are often said to be disconnected from their constituents, the public in general and most commonly, the youth. Gamers are also commonly a misunderstood group, especially when legislature is concerned - but one French politician is actively targeting them with his current campaign.

As the French election wheels begin to turn, Francois Bayrou has a new website that looks pretty standard when you first visit. However, inputting the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, A, B) reveals an 8-bit style video that shows a game start screen followed by a short animated video.

Fortunately for those of us not fluent in French, the Telegraph has a translation of some of the text, that states "nothing can resist a united nation," and that "the final hour of combat approaches."

It finishes with "insert vote to play."

While it is indeed rather gimmicky, it is an attempt by a politician to appeal to a group of people that is growing at an exponential rate: gamers. While this 8-bit flashback might be of a somewhat niche appeal, it's good to see gaming being targeted by politicians for something other than causing increased violence in children, or being a catalyst for racism and sexism.