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Google Drive Coming Next Week with 5GB Free

A leaked document containing details about Google Drive has surfaced, hinting towards a release next week and other precious information about the upcoming cloud hosting service.

It seems that Google Drive will launch with 5GB of free storage space for all users, with the possibility of purchasing even more. That's the same quantity Cubby gives, the service offered by LogMeIn, and 3GB more than Dropbox. Of course, the last one has a bonus for HTC users that can extend the amount of space up to 23GB.

This is still low compared with Microsoft's SkyDrive, which offers a generous 25GB for free or with, which recently gave up 50GB for select users.

It is yet unknown how Google Drive will actually work, but rumours speak of integration with Windows and Mac folders as well, hinting towards the same concept that Cubby uses. Unlike Dropbox, where users have to move files to a cloud-based folder, Cubby can enable folders to automatically sync with the cloud, replicating in multiple locations every user action.

The service is expected to launch in the middle of the next week, sources claiming that Tuesday can be a pretty good bet. Google Drive will be available at and will be compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

GDrive was previously expected to be released sometime in April, with 5GB of free storage and a clean user interface, similar to the one found in Google Docs.

Source: TheNextWeb (opens in new tab)