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Ikea Shows Off Furniture With Built-In TVs

Ikea has launched a new piece of furniture that you don't have to build yourself - and it comes with a TV built into it too.

Priced from £600 and up, the Ikea Uppleva range has a wide variety of options, including DVD and Blu Ray players, wireless streaming, surround sound and subwoofer, a huge selection of TV size options and a choice of surrounding stand/furniture.

Designed to remove unnecessary cabling, multiple units and TV stands altogether, the Uppleva brand seems very clean cut and all-in-one, much like Apple's massively popular devices.

There's also just one single remote for the entire package, something many people will be pleased to learn.

The television itself is produced by Chinese firm TCL Multimedia (a company that hasn't updated the news section of its incredibly slow flash site since 2010) which may be better known to European purchasers as Alcatel, or RCA in North America.

Ikea released a short video to showcase the new Uppleva system, which shows a presenter highlighting how irritating it can be forcing all contemporary TV based appliances into the lounge. The new television system from Ikea is designed to alleviate these issues while presumably looking quite stylish and matched. We'll have to wait for reviews to test these claims, but making things easier for consumers is usually a winner.

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