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Late News: PlayStation Orbis Rumoured Specs Tested, Amazon Relaxes In-app Purchase Prices, Google Drive May Land Next Week

With still over a year to go until the next generation console from Sony is released, speculation is rampant. With that in mind, the guys at Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) have built a small PC based around rumoured specifications for the PlayStation Orbis. There have been reports that the PS4 will utilise off the shelf components, including an AMD processor and a Radeon 7000 series graphics chip.

Amazon has relaxed in-app purchasing prices, allowing them to be over the previous limit of $20 for the first time. This has only been possible because of a tightening of parental controls over user accounts. It was previously worried that if a child got hold of their parent's password, they could run up hundreds of dollars of charges before anything could be done to halt it.

Microblogging is set to become major in Asia, with Twitter looking to expand its services in Japan. According to CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter Inc. will "aggressively" increase its sales workforce in Japan in a bid to attract more advertisers as the company experiences rapid growth. The company will continue to invest as well as hire additional engineering staff, however, Costolo refrained from divulging any further details about investment amounts or the number of employees Twitter was looking to recruit.

Toshiba has announced that it is set to buy the Point of Sale portion of IBM's business for a whopping $850 million.The Japanese firm plans to take over the hardware side of the business, with IBM moving to more of a traditional software focus. IBM has been working on a "smarter commerce" platform for quite some time and this move will see that continue.

A leaked document containing details about Google Drive has surfaced, hinting towards a release next week and other precious information about the upcoming cloud hosting service. It seems that Google Drive will launch with 5GB of free storage space for all users, with the possibility of purchasing even more.