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Is MIPS For Sale?

MIPS could be up for sale according to a report from Bloomberg which cites anonymous sources. The US-based company competes in the market against ARM in the red hot embedded, low power-high performance microprocessor market.

The report claims that MIPS has hired Goldman Sachs Group to look for potential buyers for the company with its intellectual property portfolio likely to attract some significant investment.

Like ARM, MIPS derives most of its revenue to licensing its IP to the likes of Broadcom, Cavium, Toshiba and Cisco as well as a host of smaller players.

Its lower licensing cost coupled with a competitive-per-item fee explains why a number of Chinese licensees have chosen MIPS rather than ARM.

The company, whose acronym stands for "Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages" rather than "Million Instructions Per Second", is betting on Android and Ice Cream Sandwich for a resurgence.

Ainovo used MIPS to ship the first Ice Cream Sandwich on the market and the first to cost under $100, the Ainovo Novo 7 family. That said, the lack of Android Market access meant that the tablet is still very much a work in progress/glorified multimedia player.

Source : Bloomberg (opens in new tab)

Désiré Athow

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