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Pebble Smartwatch Breaks Kickstarter Funding Record

If you hadn't heard of the Pebble smartwatch, well, you're about to hear a lot more about it we suspect. Mainly because the project has gained some serious, indeed record breaking, backing in terms of funding on Kickstarter.

The Pebble is an e-paper smartwatch which hooks up to an iPhone or Android handset via bluetooth, and can alert the owner to calls, messages and so forth, as well as run apps. It's fully customisable, and looks slick and minimalist too, so we can see why it's gained support.

In fact, the smartwatch gathered its first $1 million worth of backing in just 28 hours, and now it's hit just over $3.4 million to set a new Kickstarter record. The device has accrued some 24,000 backers, and 43,000 Facebook likes.

The team announced: "We are the most funded Kickstarter project ever thanks to you! The Pebble team and I really appreciate your commitment and backing. It's been an incredible couple of days and we're amazed at how many people share our vision. We're working extremely hard to produce the best Pebble we can."

With still 30 days worth of funding to accumulate, it's a pretty safe bet that a good deal more cash is going to roll into the Pebble coffers. And all that should, hopefully, help the smartwatch realise its full potential.

Source: Kickstarter