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PlayStation Vita Could be Orbis' Own Touchscreen Controller

While Nintendo might be garnering headlines for its Wii U touchscreen controller debuted last year, Sony could have its own version already available - the PlayStation Vita.

David Reid from CCP Games has been speaking about his company's free to play game DUST 514 and how with the use of the PlayStation Vita's touchscreen, his company might be able to utilise it as a tablet-like game controller.

"Once you get your hands on the Vita, you can imagine it as a controller for your DUST experience. Suddenly you can think about all the things you can do with that screen."

He said that the company's current aims were to bring about similar applications to those of Call of Duty (CoD Elite) and Battlefield 3 (BattleLog) but that in the future, there were many more possibilities.

"Our first steps will be cohort apps - the idea of taking a certain amount of the [game's] admin on the go. But the opportunity is massive in terms of what could be on that screen while you're playing DUST 514."

It seems likely with the history of Microsoft and Sony following along behind Nintendo in terms of controller innovation - motion sensing anyone? - that Sony will incorporate this sort of controller scheme in the PlayStation Orbis as well. It would certainly provide a way for the PS Vita to extend its life throughout that of the next generation PlayStation console.

Source: PSBlog (opens in new tab), PushSquare (opens in new tab)

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