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Sony Launches Nasne Home Hub

Sony has launched a new network storage hub in Japan known as nasne, capable of hooking up with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita consoles.

The hub features a half terabyte hard drive and a TV tuner, allowing you to record straight to the device, as well as streaming recorded or live content to your PS3, PS Vita, Sony Xperia handsets and Sony tablets.

If you find that 500GB isn't quite enough for you, there's also the option of adding an external storage upgrade to increase your storage space.

Strangely enough, Sony felt the need to make it possible to hook up more than one of these to your PlayStation. In fact, you can attach as many as four, to allow for the simultaneous recording of four different TV shows at once - yet why that would be necessary is beyond me.

It wouldn't be cheap either, since the nasne comes with a price tag of just over £130.

Sony is touting an application known as "torne" for accessing your content once recorded. This application gives you the ability to watch your downloaded TV programmes from anywhere as long as you have a compatible device and a reliable Internet connection.

Unfortunately for those of you interested in nasne, it's currently only available in Japan. Sony has yet to announce any plans for a European release.

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