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'Tumblr' To Surpass 'Blog' In Google Searches

We 'Hoover' as opposed to 'vacuum', and 'Google' instead of 'search the web' - so it was to be expected that Tumblr would overtake blog in Google search results.

According to data compiled by the search giant, by the end of 2012 more and more people will search for the term 'Tumblr' instead of 'blog'.

Creator of web comic XKCD, Randall Munroe, first brought this to our attention after noting the observation in a self-drawn chart:

However, this feat has also been recognised by ComScore - with data showing Tumblr notching up 21.8 million unique visits in the US in March alone, compared to last year's 8.4 million.

Whilst an impressive boost in traffic, Tumblr CEO David Karp explained to Advertising Age last week that he has no wish to monetise the situation through an AdSense-like agenda: "Our attitude toward all this attention on Tumblr, which we could very easily throw a Google AdSense on and be profitable tomorrow - that's so far down the list, I mean, we're selling our desks to avoid that, it's a complete last resort."

Image credit: XKCD

Source: The Next Web (opens in new tab)

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