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Windows 8 Store Updated With New Metro Apps

Microsoft has updated the Windows 8 (opens in new tab) store and those running Consumer Preview can now enjoy several new applications, including a Metro-style Twitter that was missing from the collection as well as a selection of gaming titles.

Social media enthusiasts can now take advantage of a fully functional Twitter client for Metro, offering connectivity using touch gestures. The software was currently absent from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (opens in new tab), after Microsoft introduced an experimental build in Developer Preview and then choosing to include it in the latest release.

INRIX traffic is another new app in the store, one that provides access to traffic conditions in a local area and can be used across Windows Phone platforms as well. A Metro style dashboard for Microsoft LifeCam Studio has also been introduced, with a variety of settings and special effects for webcams.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane, a popular gaming title on the Xbox Live Arcade, has been ported to Windows 8 and now contains a free preview version that includes two boats and several tracks. Developers have announced that a full version will be released in the future, with access to 11 tracks and various boats.

Euro Cup 2012, Channel 9, The Big Picture, FlipToast and Discourse are five other programs introduced with the latest upgrade.

Microsoft has also updated existing applications, one of them being the Metro version of WordPress. The software now allows users to create new posts right from the panel, a feature lacking in previous builds.