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Windows RT Secret Weapon Is Free Office 15 Suite

Windows RT is the only version of Windows that will come with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note. This is not the cut down version of the popular business suite that comes with advertising, reduce functionality and without PowerPoint or One Note.

Instead, we expect Windows RT to come with the equivalent of Office For Home & Student - almost certainly Office 15 - which carries a suggested price of £99.99 for a single user on a single PC. As expected, there's four modules but no Outlook 2010, Access 2010 or Publisher 2010 which are available on Office Home and Business as well as Office Professional.

There is a definite appeal in buying a Windows-device that comes with a fully blown version of Office. Indeed, one could argue that Microsoft might deliberately have bundled Office in order to boost initial sales of Windows on ARM. After all, who would refuse a useful £99 freebie.

And this could be a massive point of inflection should Microsoft partners propose an array of devices (ranging from traditional desktops to laptops, tablets and smartphones) that come de facto with a fully fledged, fat version of Office, a familiar working environment at no cost.

Both Apple and Google do not offer have such an offering by default. You need to buy the relevant Apps on iOS and Android offers various third party options like QuickOffice.

Expect Microsoft to leverage the arrival of Office 15 on Windows RT to push the platform. Much to our glee.

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