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$250 - $300 iPad Mini Scheduled For Autumn 2012

The Asian media recently reported that Apple plans to "counter attack" the rivals on the tablet market, with a more affordable iPad. Chinese language website NetEase has suggested that Apple's supply chain will ship 6 million iPad mini devices, this year.

The source indicates two suppliers: Hon Hai Group, Foxconn's parent company, and Pegatron. NetEase suggests, based on Taiwanese media reports, that the upcoming Apple tablet will cost somewhere between $249 (£155) and $299 (£185).

The purpose of this product is to challenge the upcoming Windows 8 tablets, where the latest piece of information seems to confirm previous rumours regarding Apple's plans for a smaller iPad.

At the beginning of this month, John Gruber suggested that Apple "is noodling" with the idea of a 7.85in screen iPad. At the time, there were rumours about iPad mini prototypes being tested in Cupertino headquarters.

It remains to be seen if this rumoured Apple idea will ever see the light of day, but If a smaller iPad would really become a tablet to compete on the lower end of the market - it is possible to backfire against its creators.

A more affordable iPad, could very well cannibalise the market share of the current iPad line-up.

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