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Anonymous Confirms GCHQ As Target

Anonymous, or rather some of the members of the sprawling collective of online activists, have confirmed the next targets of "Operation Trial at Home".

The operation is in protest against the extradition treaty between the UK and US, which threatens the likes of Gary McKinnon with being whisked off across the Atlantic to face a trial. Anonymous has also recently indicated that the impending increase in the surveillance powers of GCHQ is another reason for its blitz of DDoS attacks as of late.

One UK branch member, "Winston Smith", spoke to ZDNet and confirmed that GCHQ was a target for this weekend, despite the group's failure to impact the website previously.

When asked by ZDNet: "What's the next target for attack, and are you concerned about law enforcement catching up with you?"

Smith replied: "What's the next target for attack? Definitely GCHQ, and it's definitely the Home Office."

Smith also appeared to be unperturbed at the prospect of his arrest, saying: "I make no secret about who I am... My potential arrest is coming."

Given the flurry of Anonymous activity of late, we suspect that some more arrests and a show of force by the authorities is on the cards. Last weekend, the hacktivist group managed to down a number of government sites in the UK and US, including MI6, CIA and the Department of Justice.

Source: ZDNet