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Apple-Branded Bluetooth Set To Be Integrated With Siri

Several days ago, the US Patent Office announced a new Apple patent which has been described as: a "wireless headset with integrated media player", featuring a multitude of extra functions.

The wireless headset can play audio files as well as capture sounds, allowing users to record messages or voice notes.

The patent states that the wireless headset can be paired with a telephone, and that users will be able to record a part of a conversation or all of it, for later reference.

"Similarly, voicemail messages received on the user's telephone could be uploaded into the headset for later off-line playback. Media files recorded by the headset also could be downloaded to the external device," says the patent.

Have we heard this somewhere before? Say, Siri? Apple's new technology empowered iPhone users to better interact with the digital assistant without pauses, or failures. However, to date Siri has somewhat of a mediocre functionality when the iPhone 4S owner uses Bluetooth headsets.

The voice recognition technology that powers Apple's digital assistant will certaintly need a revamped set of accessories in order to deliver the promised Siri experience.

Source: US Patent Office (opens in new tab)

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