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Apple Replaces Some iPhone 4 Models With iPhone 4S

A number of very lucky Apple fans have been granted the rare opportunity to upgrade their iPhone - at absolutely no extra cost. The situation has come about thanks to an unusual stock shortage of the white 16GB iPhone 4.

A recent 9to5Mac report based on "multiple sources" reveals that Apple instructed Apple Store Genius Bars how to handle the white iPhone 4 16GB replacements.

Until then, customers entitled to get a replacement of this model will get an upgrade to the iPhone 4S along with a similar finishing colour and storage facility.

The replaced white iPhone 4S will come from the refurbished category but will still come with the standard AppleCare warranty.

However, not all Apple customers will be so lucky to get a free iPhone 4S, as the situation is reported to have occured in only a handful of Apple Stores in both the US and Canada.

Yet Apple won't be parting easily with its latest iPhone. In order to get a free upgrade, the store must be completely out of the iPhone 4, and the smartphone needing to be replaced must be completely non-functional and under warranty.

Source: 9to5Mac (opens in new tab)

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