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BlackBerry Beats iPhone In Enterprise-Ready Battle

A few years ago, every respectable business person had to own a BlackBerry smartphone. Back then, Research In Motion had no true competition within the enterprise sector.

However, sales performance is currently at a low point but security experts point out that BlackBerry phones are still the most enterprise-ready devices on the market.

Researchers from MicroTrend, a company focused on cloud-based security software and services, investigated the top mobile platforms.

They tested BlackBerry 7.0, Apple iOS 5, Windows Phone 7.5 and Google's Android 2.3, to see which OS is the most suitable for the business sector.

MicroTrend researchers, together with specialists from Altimeter Group and Bloor Research, considered criteria like built-in security, application security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall, virtualisation as well as many other features.

The study revealed that BlackBerry 7.0 achieved the highest score in corporate security and manageability, which was 2.89. At a huge gap, Apple's iOS 5 ranked second, with 1.7 points.

"The iOS application architecture natively provides users much protection because all applications are sand-boxed in a common memory environment," says the report.

Windows Phone 7.5 scored close to iOS, achieving 1.61 points. The most common Android platform, 2.3, was considered the most vulnerable mobile OS.

Source: TrendMicro (opens in new tab)

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