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Boeing Will Release Android Smartphones

The aerospace and defence giant has confirmed its plans to develop a highly secure Android smartphone. The Boeing phone is expected to hit the market by the end of this year.

The main selling point relates to the sophisticated encryption technology.

Roger Krone, president of Boeing Network and Space Systems, explained that the development of this device is currently in its final stage but refrained from revealing any further information on the subject.

In a more conversational mood was Brian Palma, vice president of the company's secure infrastructure group.

"We believe that there is significant interest in the defence side as well as the intelligence side and in the commercial world as well," he said to the National Defense reporters.

He also pointed out that the price will not be convenient (or affordable) for the average consumer. Other competitors who have released similar secure communication devices sell them for up to $20,000 a unit. Boeing has high hopes to appeal to the enterprise sector.

Company officials explained their preference for the Android platform as being 'hugely popular'.

Users will be able to enjoy the same applications they are accustomed to, but with the added functionality from the security perspective.

Source: NationalDefenseMagazine (opens in new tab)

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