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Google Updates Chrome For Android

Google has updated its Chrome browser for Android, which is still in an early beta phase. The latest build comes with new features like home shortcuts, desktop versions of websites and even more.

With this new client, Android users will experience a more advanced browser, one that can now ask for a desktop version of a website if the mobile one is not available, or undesirable (just like the default browser in Ice Cream Sandwich).

Also, Chrome users can now add bookmarked websites as shortcuts on the Android home screen, a feature already existing on iOS devices. Furthermore, the browser allows specific third-party applications to handle certain links. These apps can be specified manually by the user, allowing an extended customisation of tasks.

For example, those resorting to a proxy for their Wi-Fi connection can now automatically import the settings found in the Android system. Moreover, the browser allows file downloads using third-party managers, has support for Complex Text Layout and Right to Left text, and can also set the YouTube application to open older YouTube embeds by default.

The new Chrome is available to download on Google Play (opens in new tab) and as a bonus feature users will have the possibility of setting region-specific search engines as their homepage.

Unfortunately, the Chrome beta requires a device running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. Developers have yet to announce when the final version will be available, but some sources claim it may launch in late June, on Google's I/O event.