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ICO Hits Toshiba For Data Pratection Breach

The Information Commissioner's Office has given Toshiba a slap on the wrist after it leaked the personal details of 20 users that had registered for a competition on the company's website. This included names, addresses, dates of birth and contact information.

However nothing too harsh is going to come from it, the ICO feeling that a simple warning was enough in this instance.

"It is vital that, as ever-increasing amounts of our personal information are collected online, companies have the necessary safeguards in place to keep this information secure," said Stephen Eckersley, the ICO's head of enforcement.

"We are pleased that Toshiba Information Systems (UK) have committed to ensuring that any changes to applications on their website are thoroughly tested by both the developer and themselves, in order to keep the personal information they are collecting secure. We would urge other UK organisations with interactive websites to make sure they have suitable checks in place before collecting peoples' details online."

Toshiba's own statement smells of relief, as the spokesperson goes out of their way to thank the ICO for not being too strict with the firm and for avoiding any "formal enforcement."

It did remind readers though that the information leaked wasn't sensitive - though that's arguable - and that Toshiba took immediate action to ratify the leak as soon as it was discovered.

Source: The Inquirer (opens in new tab)

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