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Late News: O2 4G Trials Clock 150Mbps Speeds, Tesco Market Place to Challenge Amazon, Google Project Glass Rival from Oakley

O2 has just announced the results of a London-based 4G LTE trial (opens in new tab) which involved 25 base stations and 1,000 smartphone owning participants. The announcement comes as London switched off analogue TV services, freeing up more potential spectrum which could be used by network operators. And they're going to need all they can get, looking at smartphone growth projection figures, and the increasing prevalence of bandwidth intensive activities such as video streaming.

Tesco hasn't been faring particularly well of late. (opens in new tab) The year started badly for the supermarket giant, with a profit warning being issued following a poor Christmas performance, and then the departure of its CEO. In its latest results announced today, profit in the UK was down by 1 per cent on the previous year to £2.5 billion. However, Tesco has a grand plan to stop the rot involving a £1 billion investment.

A Japanese judge in the Tokyo District Court (opens in new tab) has decided that Apple should pay a ¥600,000 (about £4,685) fine to a discontented customer. The fine was from a dramatic incident, as an iPod Nano burst into flames and burned the hands of a Japanese lady. The compensation Apple had to pay included the costs of medical treatment for the burns, and legal costs, in addition to the compensation for the pain suffered.

While Google might have captured more than a few headlines (opens in new tab) earlier this month with the first images of its Project Glass pair of augmented reality specs, sunglasses maker Oakley has apparently been working on something similar for over a decade and a half. Though Google's pair of glasses was perhaps aimed more at the consumer sector, offering location based information and contacts in a heads up display, Oakley's alternative is said to be designed to offer improved performance to athletes.

The world went through a state of shock yesterday (opens in new tab), when one of life's most essential necessities incurred a minor setback. No, we didn't experience an apocalypse: Gmail went down for the total of one (devastating) hour. Gmail users the world over panicked for just over an hour at around 12:30 EST (17:30 GMT), after being greeted with the message: "We're sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable."

Ravi Mandalia

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