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Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Pro, RT and Enterprise Versions

Microsoft has finally announced the names of three upcoming Windows 8 versions, two of them, are new to the crowd. Some of these platforms have distinct features and those attracted by the bonuses, will have to pay extra.

As some may have guessed, Windows 8 is the official product name for the standard edition of the upcoming OS. This OS will work on both x86 and x64 architectures, while bringing a limited set of features to some versions.

Developers have described it as the weapon of choice for many consumers, having an updated Windows Explorer, Task Manager, multi-monitor support and simplified language changing options.

Windows 8 Pro contains all the features mentioned above, plus advanced technologies such as encryption, virtualisation, PC management and domain connectivity. Also, the Windows Media Center will be served as an add-on pack on this platform, which is recommended for tech enthusiasts.

As earlier rumours have claimed, the software giant has considered developing an ARM optimised version, alongside regular builds. This will be known as Windows RT and will come pre-installed on PCs and tablets, powered by ARM processors.

The ARM version will include touch-optimised siblings of applications found on regular desktop platforms, such as the new Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. Developers also want to make use of the upcoming Windows Runtime, which will be launched in September, this year.

The last part of the announcement contains a small reference made to Windows 8 Enterprise, a version that will sport any features found in the Win 8 Pro, while adding PC management, advanced security, virtualisation, new mobility scenarios and more.

Pricing details for each of these platforms have been promised, in the upcoming months.

Source: Windows Steam Blog (opens in new tab)