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Microsoft Reporting UK Xbox Live Growth

Microsoft has announced that in-line with the past few years, the UK Xbox Live gaming audience has grown once again, by a reasonable margin.

"We don't have any particular numbers as such, but we've seen good growth with the arcade titles, and the game add-on business is in growth as well," said Xbox Live's product manager Pac Bhardwaj in an interview with MCVUK. The growth is said to include game downloads, as well as arcade releases and downloadable content.

"We're really pleased with how it's going. We're bringing new titles out constantly. We brought out a number of titles a few weeks ago, and now we have Trials Evolution, Minecraft, Bloodforge and Fable Heroes. It's a new set of amazing IP and some amazing games."

The mention of those four titles is a big part of Microsoft's current promotion known as "Arcade Next" which is designed to show the development of more advanced and in-depth titles that the marketplace is capable of supplying.

Discussing this launch, Bhardwaj continued: "While we wouldn't talk about specific sales targets, we're really excited to launch such a strong line-up of titles as part of the Arcade Next promotion. With highly recognised IP in Trials, Fable and Minecraft, and a heart-pounding combat experience in Bloodforge, we have high hopes for these titles."

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