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P2i Wants To Make Smartphones Water Repellent

There are many ways to keep your smartphone safe from not-so-smart accidents, but it only takes a split second to drop your pricy device into a pool or a sink. That's why manufacturers have started to think about protective technologies for smartphones.

Motorola is one of the first to add the Splash Guard feature to its latest models. This technology provides waterproof protection to the molecular level by coating every component of the device.

Tracing the Splash Guard feature to its developer, Pocket-Lint discovered a UK-based company - P2i - founded in 2004. Dr Stephen Coulson, the company founder and now chief technical officer, revealed that P2i is working with 15 manufacturers from the smartphone industry.

However, he was reluctant to say what companies would be willing to use the nano water repellent technology, called Aridion.

"We should start seeing more devices before the end of 2012," he teased reporters. The efficiency of Aridion relies on blocking the water on every surface that needs protecting rather than plugging the devices' cases.

The design is not sacrificed, the battery is not affected and the screen does not reveal the added coat.

"The secret lies in the chemistry and the application," explained Dr. Coulson.

Source: Pocket-Lint