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Panasonic To Lead The Way In Green Innovation

Panasonic has announced a new "Eco Solutions" business unit at the Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference which will be focusing on "end-to-end energy solutions" for the US and Canada - though hopefully it'll bleed over the Atlantic too.

The idea behind the business speak is that Panasonic will be putting efforts into developing, implementing and in some instances financing green and eco projects for other companies as well as its own. The idea being that new ideas will emerge on how to save energy and generate more of it with less of an impact on the environment.

It even went as far as making the claim that by 2018, it expects to be the world "leader in green innovation in the electronics industry."

To kick things off, Panasonic announced that it would be working together with the Denver Renewable Social Benefit Funds to help bring about large scale uptake of solar panels for businesses in North America. This partnership will be brokered throughout 2012, with the real work beginning soon after. However, not only commercial properties will be targeted by the solar cell roll out, but hospitals, schools, low-income housing projects and non-profit organisations will be involved also.

The first to benefit from this co-operation is the corporate campus of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in Agoura Hills California, which will be receiving a 115 Kilowatt solar power generator.

Commenting on the partnership was president of Panasonic in North America, Jim Doyle: "As a company that aims to help enable a sustainable future, Panasonic is delighted to be working with RSB Funds. They have a great record of achievement in making the benefits of solar power available to non-profits and other similar organizations."

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