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PlayStation Vita Jumps Aboard Doodle Band Wagon

Sony has announced the release of a new application freely available on the PlayStation Vita console, a doodle painting app known as Paint Park. Fair few of those going around at the moment.

This is the second "park" application that Sony has made available, with "Welcome Park" greeting new owners when they first power up the device, offering a quick tutorial in how to use it. In this new park title, users are encouraged to incorporate pictures "of the world around you" and use them as part of sketches and paintings that make you wonder if people realised Microsoft Paint has been around for decades.

It's now freely available as part of the PS Vita Store.

However, it won't be just two applications in the "park" series for long. Treasure Park is a puzzle application that lets you play some fairly basic games with friends over 3G or WiFi. There's also the option to make your own puzzles to see how your virtual pals fare at figuring them out. You can also set bombs and traps to punish those for making mistakes.

That app, along with the also touted Wake-Up Club - that lets you sync your alarm clock with other Vita users - will be downloadable from the store soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab)

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