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Read It Later Becomes Free Pocket App

The Read It Later bookmarking application has been rebranded as a new free service now known as Pocket - with the focus placed on image, video and other multimedia.

Initially the app was designed for placing articles on the cloud, allowing the user to access them on their tablet or compatible smartphone at a later date. Now though, it's all about videos and images.

As part of the move, Pocket has had a facelift, giving it a clean, white look that is all too familiar with contemporary web users - no more black and gold styling for this app.

To add pages, articles, videos and more to your Pocket account, there's a browser extension that lets you drag and drop them in there, as well as a customised email address you can send links to or use one of the save buttons available in many a companion application.

When asked by The Next Web (opens in new tab) why the app was now free, creator Nathan Weiner said that people have been using the software for years, only paying a small $3 fee when they initially signed up. With a free model it seems likely more people will use it and that somewhere down the line premium, micro-transaction content will be available. For now though, Mr Weiner is staying quiet on what these future changes might be.

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