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Samuel L. Jackson Praises Siri In iPhone 4S Commercial

A couple of new iPhone 4S commercials have surfaced on the web, ahead of their official airing and have generated some buzz among Apple fans. Both of these adverts are focussed on Siri's functionality.

Tech journalists have suggested that this is an attempt for Apple to redeem itself, because previous Siri advertisements were believed to be exaggerated.

The two commercials reveal a rare strategy for Apple, which so far relied on the product or service. This time, the company is counting on celebrity endorsements, where it has convinced big names from Hollywood to chat with Siri.

A nice surprise is to see Samuel L. Jackson interacting with Apple's digital assistant. The actor brought a personal touch to the commercial, as he asks Siri to cancel his golf appointment (an unlikely occurrence, as Samuel L. Jackson is a golf aficionado).

The second commercial, featuring Zooey Deschanel, is also oriented towards the actress, and her vibrant personality.

Both TV commercials contain Apple's logo, as well as the carrier's too. All three major US mobile phone networks, that have delivered iPhone 4S (Verizon, Sprint and AT&T) will all have their own versions of the new Apple commercial.

Source: Apple's YouTube Channel (opens in new tab)

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