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Apple Fined For Self Combusting iPod

A Japanese judge in the Tokyo District Court has decided that Apple should pay a ¥600,000 (about £4,685) fine to a discontented customer. The fine was from a dramatic incident, as an iPod Nano burst into flames and burned the hands of a Japanese lady.

The compensation Apple had to pay included the costs of medical treatment for the burns, and legal costs, in addition to the compensation for the pain suffered.

Apple was found guilty of technical flaws in its first generation iPod, an error that the company had previously admitted. At the end of last year, Apple announced a program (opens in new tab) of replacing the first generation iPod nanos.

Customers who bought the device, between September 2005 and December 2006 were advised to ask for a free replacement. At the time, Apple warned, "the battery may overheat and pose a safety risk." Reportedly, over one million users entered the program and got a new iPod nano from Apple.

The Japanese lady, who had the misfortune of having her iPod explode in her hands, bought the device in 2005. She couldn't get a replacement for the faulty iPod, as the incident happened in July 2010, before Apple officially admitted the issue.

Source: MacWorld (opens in new tab)

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