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Sony Subsidiary Invests In Aeria Games

So-net Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment has made a sizeable investment in Aeria Games - the company behind such titles as Dynasty Warriors Online, Need for Speed World and many other free to play MMOs - making it the second biggest investor in the company.

While it's taken many developers a long time - and is often considered a last resort once a subscription model has failed - to embrace the free to play format for MMOs and other titles, it's becoming more of a popular trend though Aeria certainly led the way. Of all its developed titles, it's already gathered up over 40 million gamers, giving it a player base - across several games - that far surpasses single MMOs like World of Warcraft.

With this large player base and the announcement that the company was starting a mobile division to bring its games to the handheld platform, it's understandable why Sony - a company that is looking to revamp its own mobile game - might want to be on friendly terms with Aeria.

"We welcome So-net Entertainment Corporation as a strategic partner as we move forward to expand our relationships with global digital entertainment companies," said Lan Hoang, Chief Executive Officer, Aeria Games. "Our track record and accelerated growth has enabled us to align with companies that will complement our portfolio, so we look forward to working with So-net and its partners to bring more highly sought-after content to our more than 40 million dedicated users."

Source: Games Industry (opens in new tab)

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