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Twitter Will Not Copy Facebook's Instagram Acquisition

Just earlier we reported how Jack Dorsey was left reeling from the news that Facebook had bought Instagram, but it's now been reported that Twitter has no plans to acquire a photo-sharing rival - honest.

Talking to reporters in Japan, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo assured them that the company had much bigger plans in the pipeline.

"I think that sometimes there is a tendency for companies to react to events in the marketplace that are inconsistent with their strategy, and I think that tendency is a mistake," he said, referring to the video sharing sale frenzy that happened following Google's purchase of YouTube.

"You can look at all sorts of other similar cases in the past when an event like this happens and people try to react to it. Copying it is never a good idea - at least history would say it's not a good idea.

"We will make sure that we execute on the strategy that we have and not one that's been laid down for us based on events that happen in the marketplace," he concluded.

As the age-old adage goes, if you can't beat them - then join them. Oh wait - Twitter already tried getting Instagram to join them, but lost out to Facebook.

Source: The Next Web

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