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AM News: Microsoft Xbox Live Growing in UK, Boeing to Release Android Smartphone, PlayStation Vita Aboard Doodle Bandwagon

Microsoft has announced that in-line with the past few years, (opens in new tab) the UK Xbox Live gaming audience has grown once again, by a reasonable margin. "We don't have any particular numbers as such, but we've seen good growth with the arcade titles, and the game add-on business is in growth as well," said Xbox Live's product manager Pac Bhardwaj in an interview with MCVUK. The growth is said to include game downloads, as well as arcade releases and downloadable content.

The aerospace and defence giant has confirmed its plans (opens in new tab) to develop a highly secure Android smartphone. The Boeing phone is expected to hit the market by the end of this year. The main selling point relates to the sophisticated encryption technology.

A few years ago, every respectable business person (opens in new tab) had to own a BlackBerry smartphone. Back then, Research In Motion had no true competition within the enterprise sector. However, sales performance is currently at a low point but security experts point out that BlackBerry phones are still the most enterprise-ready devices on the market.

Sony has announced the release of a new application (opens in new tab) freely available on the PlayStation Vita console, a doodle painting app known as Paint Park. Fair few of those going around at the moment. This is the second "park" application that Sony has made available, with "Welcome Park" greeting new owners when they first power up the device, offering a quick tutorial in how to use it.

What better way to welcome what is being described (opens in new tab) as the world's "first social media Olympics" than by introducing an extremely anti-social policy? Not a clue? You're not alone. With London's summer 2012 games due to take place in the very near future, you'd think that organisers would make more of an effort and persuade people to show more of an interest - yet it appears the complete opposite has happened, with strict guidelines banning athletes from posting photos of themselves on Twitter with products that aren't official Olympics sponsors, as well as prohibiting videos or photos to be taken from the athlete's village.

Ravi Mandalia

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