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Apple Suggests iPhone 5 Could Be 3D

After sneaking a glimpse into Apple's plans with the new power management of future Macs, the company's job listings now reveal clues towards a different direction. Apparently, Apple wants to implement 3D technologies in future versions of iOS.

Apple's careers web page announces (opens in new tab) that an "iOS Software Engineer" is wanted on a desk within its Cupertino headquarters. The new member should have "knowledge and experience in Computer Vision, Image Analysis and 3D geometry.

"He or she must also be experienced in cameras and surfaces in a 3D environment and multi-view stereo and 3D reconstruction", amongst other criteria.

These are the details provided by the newly published job description. As recent headlines have shown, 3D feature is quickly becoming an emerging trend.

High-end competitors from rival Android already deliver devices with 3D imagery. HTC's EVO 3D (opens in new tab) and LG's Optimus 3D leaves no one guessing about their main selling point.

Tech journalists seem to be excited about this new rumour and predict that the upcoming iPhone will come with 3D features (opens in new tab). There is also hope that the highly anticipated Apple TV might integrate some 3D capabilities.

For the iPad though, it is hard to believe that Apple would want to change the popular Retina Display (opens in new tab) any time soon.

Source: 9to5Mac (opens in new tab)

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