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Apple TV Could Steal Customers From Samsung, Sony And LG

Market research company KAE has joined forces with online survey firm Toluna in order to find out just how much of an impact the Apple TV will have on the market. The survey, conducted in the US and the UK, polled approximately 6,000 people.

Although the respondent base was not even close to the required national sample, according to the demographic criteria, the report still gives an interesting glimpse into the situation.

Apparently consumers, Apple fans or not, are eager to test the upcoming TV set from Apple. In the UK, 30 per cent of those polled found the idea of an Apple TV appealing, compared to 25 per cent of Americans.

People who already own and use an Apple device are more prone to buy the upcoming Apple TV set. Forty-three per cent of UK Apple users and 38 per cent of Americans have been found to be in this category.

Big players, such as Samsung, Sony and LG, are expected to lose their clients to Apple. Among Britons, 38 per cent of current Sony TV owners and 36 per cent of Samsung TV owners are ready to flee to the Apple fan army when Apple TV sets are due to hit the shelves.

In the US, the most affected competitor will be LG, as 31 per cent of its TV owners declared they would buy a new TV set from Apple.

Source: PRNewsWire (opens in new tab)

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