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Intel Showcases Convertible Ultrabook Called Letexo

Intel has demoed a new ultrabook prototype with an interesting sliding capability called Letexo at the IDF 2012 in Beijing.

The ultrabook can transform from a tablet, to a touch based all in one touch based computer with a stand and back to an ultrabook fairly easily.

It uses a similar mechanism to the Asus Eee Pad Slider although there are two notable differences. There's a full size keyboard and the screen attaches to the laptop at the back of the chassis.

The Letexo is likely to be a "template" product, one which presents more exotic form factors of the ultrabook to partners and analysts.

It will almost certainly have Intel's own Ivy Bridge architecture at its heart with a HDMI and two USB ports. As on the video below, the laptop appears to be thicker than one would expect.

Ivy Bridge is widely expected to be launched towards the end of the month with a large number of designs appearing almost immediately.

The big push though is likely to happen when Microsoft unveils Windows 8 towards the end of the year as the OS in its Metro iteration is a much better fit for tablets.

Source : VR-zone

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