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iPhone Server Farms Are Dirty, Says Greenpeace

The iPhone is not only unethical but is now also considered "dirty." Greenpeace published its annual report on Internet companies, with Apple not exactly portrayed in the most flattering of colours.

According to the environmentalist organisation, Apple uses coal power for its iCloud services. The popular digital assistant featured by the latest iPhone relies on iCloud to function, so iPhone is seen as one of the culprits of this new scandal.

Greenpeace spokesman, Dave Pomerantz, points out that "Apple right now is falling behind companies like Google and Facebook, who are taking a leadership role on this issue. It's a shame that a company that built its reputation on thinking differently is now behind the curve."

The main target of Greenpeace is the data centre in North Carolina, designed to support iCloud services. The facility needs 100 MW in power and only 10 per cent of this comes from renewable sources, claims Greenpeace.

Apple defended its reputation explaining that its data centre is in fact consuming 20 MW at full capacity, and the actual per cent of energy coming from renewable sources is 60.

In addition, a 171-acre solar farm (opens in new tab) and fuel cell installation is to be built in the proximity. This will be the largest facility harvesting solar power in the US, pointed out an Apple representative.

Source: Telegraph (opens in new tab)

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