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Late News: Facebook Coming to NASDAQ on May 17th?, No Tablets from Samsung for London Olympics 2012?, Facebook Trending Articles

Apparently Facebook is all set to make its opening splash on the NASDAQ on the 17th of May. That's according to multiple sources who are, as usual, "close to the company", the informants in question having spoken to Techcrunch. The IPO (Initial Public Offering) isn't set in stone, the rumour whispers indicate, as there's a lot of paperwork the SEC still has to ratify.

Samsung is unlikely to push its soon-to-be released tablets as much as the Galaxy S3 as part of its massive global Olympics game marketing campaign; the follow up to the Galaxy S3 will be launched on the 3rd of May in London. The reason for that is simply because Acer has the exclusivity when it comes to tablets, desktops, servers and laptops while Samsung has exclusive commercial rights for smartphones and apps as the worldwide wireless communications partner.

As if users aren't procrastinating enough on Facebook, the social networking site is experimenting with a "Trending Articles" feature within the news feed in an attempt to encourage users to read more recent news stories. To prove a point, Facebook takes measures to ensure that the new function is in your face - literally.

Anonymous has promised weekly attacks on government targets, in protest at the extradition treaty between the UK and US, which threatens Gary McKinnon and other hackers with the prospect of facing trial in America. We'd already heard that both the Home Office and GCHQ are in the firing line come this weekend, but they won't be the only targets. That's the word from members of UK Anonymous group AnonAteam, who spoke to ZDNet (opens in new tab).

It's a dangerous virtual world out there in cyber-space, certainly for America it would seem, as the country is increasingly being probed by foreign nations. US military computer systems and corporate networks are being scanned for potential vulnerabilities and opportunities to siphon off vital data, by no less than six or more countries who have offensive cyber-capabilities.

Ravi Mandalia

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