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Microsoft Adds ODF, Short UK, 300MB file Uploads To Skydrive

Microsoft has added support for the Open Document Format (ODF) which is more widely accepted than the proprietary Microsoft Office formats (docx, xlsx, pptx etc) to its online cloud storage solution, Skydrive, ahead of the impending launch of Google own solution, Google Drive.

Microsoft said in a release that it will add Share to Twitter, 300MB file uploads in the browser as well as a short URL (

) for Windows Phone images sharing via Twitter. In addition, the team has confirmed that they have "some really big things coming soon" without dishing out more details on what to expect.

However, given the looming launch of Windows 8 (towards the end of the year) as well as Windows Phone 8 (AKA Apollo), we suspect that Microsoft will be looking to tie Skydrive even closer to the OSes without fear of reprisal.

Skydrive offers up to 25GB free online storage compared to 2GB for Dropbox and a rumoured 5GB for Google Cloud. It is also supported by Office Web Apps and supports files as big as 2GB plus offers the ability to download entire folders as a single .zip file.

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