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New iPad Processor: Not Four Times Faster Than Tegra 3?

The new iPad was released to the market with a set of promises, some kept, some only meant to tease our imagination. In the last category falls Tim Cook's statement that iPad's GPU performs four times faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset.

Apple's third generation iPad integrates a multi-core graphic processor in addition to the dual-core 5X chip. However, Nvidia relies on its graphics heritage and Tegra 3 uses a very powerful GeForce GPU.

To find out the truth behind Apple's "fight talk", Pocket-Lint put the two solutions to the tests. They brought a Transformer Prime to compete against Apple's new iPad.

For the video playback tests, the team adjusted the new iPad's resolution to compensate the one delivered by the Transformer Prime display. Prime won this test with 0.8 seconds, compared to iPad's 2.9 seconds.

Connected to external displays, iPad lost again. The video streaming test revealed no definitive winner. When loading a webpage, the new iPad proved to be slightly quicker than Transformer Prime with an average 7.6 seconds versus 8 seconds.

Now comes the good news for Apple fans who are game aficionados: the new iPad really delivers a better gaming experience compared to its counterparts.

The report's conclusion is that there are slight differences between the new iPad's chip and Tegra 3, "but nothing that would constitute a 4x increase."

Source: Pocket-Lint (opens in new tab)

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