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Over Two Thirds Of IT Admin Are Over Stressed

A new survey has highlighted being an IT admin as one of the most stressful jobs available, with over two thirds claiming that they have considered quitting because of the working weight on their shoulders.

The report was commissioned by GFI Software, with the poll quizzing 204 IT professionals working at firms with a workforce of between 10 to 500 employees in the US. Some of the results turned out to be quite interesting:

  • 70 per cent considered their job stressful
  • 67 per cent had considered changing career because of the stress, with 43 per cent thinking of it regularly
  • 72 per cent considered the job more stressful than most

Over 28 per cent said the biggest stress causing factor was management, though tight deadlines was just behind with 20 per cent approval. Coming in third was the users that the admins support, with just 18 per cent.

Interestingly, it seems working for a bigger firm is far more stressful than a small one. Of those working in companies with only 10 to 49 employees, just under half said it was stressful. However, once you get into the near 100 employee mark, it jumps to a whopping 83 per cent.

Being an IT admin is obviously a time consuming position as well, as some of the other results turned up:

  • 42 per cent had lost sleep because of work
  • 39 per cent missed time with their children
  • 35 per cent said they had cancelled appointments with friends and family

While perhaps not massively surprising because of the IT department stereotype, almost a quarter of those polled said they didn't feel very good physically.

Hopefully results of surveys like this can be used to improve the working environment of people who are, quite obviously, integral to the running of many firms.

Source: MarketWatch (opens in new tab)

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