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Price Of 3D Televisions Down To £299

Currys is selling a 42-inch LED television for only £299 including delivery. The Logik L423ED11 is only a tad more expensive than similar sized television and comes with 10 pairs of 3D glasses.

As expected, it uses passive technology which means that its 3D capabilities are less spectacular than more expensive active technology which requires active glasses.

Other features of the L423D11 include one SCART, composite & three HDMI ports, one DSUB & one USB connector and two 8W speakers. It's worth noting that the screen has a 1,920 by 1,080 pixels resolution, has a contrast ratio of 1400:1 and runs Freeview (rather than Freeview HD).

So there we have it, roughly three years after it was introduced widely in the UK, 3D is now not only a mainstream feature but also one that is possibly just another nice add-on.

The first LG 3D television sets cost nearly £1000 at launch which shows the extent of the price fall within that short period.

Expect passive 3D to become a defacto feature on entry level television sooner rather than later as adding the electronics to cater for it doesn't add much to the bill of material.

Source : Currys

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