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Sony PlayStation Developer Suite Now Available

Sony has launched the open beta of its PlayStation developer suite designed to allow the development of applications that can then be run on the PlayStation Vita and other certified devices like certain smartphones.

Included in the SDK release (opens in new tab) is the PC Suite Studio and UI Composer, as well as some basic graphic and sound libraries to get budding developers started. There's also the inclusion of a Physics2D engine to allow for simple in-game physics calculations and animation.

While the sample images on the official page are woefully small, there are some demo games included in the suite, allowing those trying it out for the first time to get an idea of what is doable with the software.

For those looking to discuss the development of their titles or ask questions of more experienced game makers, the official forums went live today at 9AM GMT, with several hundred posts already being knocked up.

In case users of the SDK decided to make something Sony considered untoward, the terms and conditions - which you must agree to in order to download the suite - state that "Prohibited content" includes:

  • Criminal acts
  • Disturbing public order
  • Uploading or distributing third parties' private information
  • Distributing viruses
  • Any activities that SCE deems inappropriate

The last one is a nice catch all. Let's hope it's not exploited in any way.

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