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1 In 10 Men Would Prefer The New iPad To A Woman

RoxyPalace has just published an intriguing survey that shows how loyal Apple fans can be, when it comes to the new tablet. We cannot be sure how many people responded to the on-line questionnaire relating to their love interests, but it seems that a small percentage of men prefer the new iPad to a woman.

Making matters even more intriguing, the poll reveals that 3 per cent of the respondents would be happy to give up their partner - if they would receive a new iPad instead.

The interest for other tablets on the market is significantly lower, as only 4 per cent of the respondents admitted they would rather have a non-Apple tablet than a partner.

Women who answered the survey questions revealed more of their social nature, as 84 per cent of them declared they prefer the male company to a new gadget.

Don't believe that the ladies won't be willing to trade their partners for a new iPad. They would, but with a smaller percentage.

"Many women joke about becoming [American] football widows when the season is in full swing but it seems some men are willing to take things a step further and are happy to steer clear of relationships all together to spend more time with their beloved toy", said one RoxyPalace spokesman.

Source: RoxyPalace (opens in new tab)

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