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97 Days And Counting To the London Olympics

100 days to go marked a huge milestone within the journey Acer has undertaken with LOCOG and with the other technology partners involved in London 2012.

From our first meeting with LOCOG way back in 2008, we have grown from a team of two to a team now consisting of 70 (and if I were to write this message next week, it would be 130!); witnessed the introduction of new technologies & software (i.e. Windows 7) and, last but not least, the delivery of Acer computing equipment used to power the LOCOG & Games infrastructure.

A quick glance at the numbers show: 13,500 desktop/notebook PCs, 900 servers, 100TB+ of physical SAN storage, 2,000 Touchscreen monitors 100 Tablet PCs.

Looking back, the key challenge we faced with LOCOG was the unknowns - unknown headcount, unknown system requirements and unknown changes in technology (Tablet PCs being a prime example - they did not exist in their current format in 2008!). Thankfully, with the benefit of hindsight, the choices we took together have been an overall success.

With the focus now on 27th July, our team is in 100% operational mode and the focus has moved from hardware delivery to the interviewing, recruitment, training & ultimately the delivery of the 350+ support people we require to be deployed across all Games venues to provide support to that venues client base. This is a challenge we have prepared for over a year and I have no doubt we will be able to show further success when we look back at the Summer months on September 10th.

Moving forward, I shall be sharing this blog space with various members of the Acer team, each giving a piece of detail on their specific role & venues; challenges we have overcome; future plans and hopefully some fun elements as well to give you a real insight on the preparations Acer, LOCOG & the rest of the technology partners are undertaking to deliver a successful Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Here's to the next 98 days! Michael Trainor (Acer Project Manager for the London 2012 Olympics)