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AM News: Sergey Brin: Web Freedom Comments Were Distorted, Superfast Nanodot Memory Trialled, Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs

Only a few days ago we reported that Sergey Brin had declared (opens in new tab) his growing unease over Internet freedom - but it seems that the Google co-founder's words were taken out of context, and has attempted to defend his position on ‘those' Apple and Facebook comments. Taking to his Google+ page to clear up the issue, Brin tried his best to play down the backlash: "I think the article is a pretty good read but is a short summary of a long discussion. My thoughts got particularly distorted in the secondary coverage in a way that distracts from my central tenets so I think they are worth clarifying here," he said.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone (opens in new tab) will have a three-megapixel front facing camera but only an eight megapixel rear camera according to Daniel and Steve Shen from Taiwanese news outlet, Digitimes. They quote industrry sources as saying that the smartphone will have a quad core Samsung Exynos 4412 processor clocked at 1.5GHz, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich plus a Super AMOLED display with a screen size between 4.5-inch and 4.8-inch.

A new type of memory is being trialled by researchers (opens in new tab) at the Taiwan National Nano Device Laboratories and University of California, Berkeley, that is able to write and erase data at 100 times the rate of current generation flash memory. Described as "ultrafast metal-gate silicon quantum-dot (Si-QD) non-volatile memory (NVM)," it's made up of a 3nm in diameter layer of silicon nanodots.

Yesterday artists were met with the news that Draw Something (opens in new tab) had been updated with some pretty nifty tools - now allowing players to chat, save sketches to their smartphone or tablet and share their images directly to Facebook or Twitter. Following Zynga's acquisition of Draw Something just last month, many were hopeful that this exciting news would bring about some equally exciting new features.

It's a dangerous virtual world out there in cyber-space (opens in new tab), certainly for America it would seem, as the country is increasingly being probed by foreign nations. US military computer systems and corporate networks are being scanned for potential vulnerabilities and opportunities to siphon off vital data, by no less than six or more countries who have offensive cyber-capabilities.

Ravi Mandalia

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