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Apple Sells 11 Million iPads In Q1, According To Analysts

While everybody agrees that the new Apple iPad is hugely popular, the exact numbers relating to the first quarter sales appear to have eluded even the most informed analysts. A recent report from Tech Fortune points out "anybody who tells you they know how many iPads Apple sold in the quarter that ended March 31 is either lying or privy to inside information."

The estimates vary from 9 to 15.6 million old and new iPads sold, worldwide. According to Apple's annual report (opens in new tab), in 2011, iPads accounted for almost 20 per cent of the company's revenue.

Apple officials were generous with the information about the new iPad, which sold 3 million units in its debut weekend. The aggressive rollout that followed and pushed the third generation iPad to 35 national markets in two weeks, must have skyrocketed sales.

Ahead of the long rumoured release of the new iPad, the previous models were bound to suffer from the pent-up demand. After the new release, iPad 2 prices went down, which must have boosted sales.

Apart from speculations, there is no official data on this matter. Tech Fortune has polled 50 analysts from the industry, where the most common opinion was that Apple has sold 11 million iPads.

Source: CNN Fortune (opens in new tab)

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