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Apple Will Deploy WIFI Emergency Hubs At Genius Bars

At times, the secret labs from Cupertino allow a sneaky glimpse into the company's plans. This time, the team from 9to5Mac have managed to dig up an interesting piece of information. Apparently, Apple plans to add wireless servers to their Apple Store Genius Bars.

These are meant to help customers who need a product replacement, and have to back-up the data stored on the faulty device.

The upcoming Wi-Fi hubs will allow Genius Bar personnel to mirror an iCloud backup, only on to a local server. When the customer gets a replacement, the content will then be quickly transferred on to the new device - where it is automatically deleted from the stores' servers.

A mysterious insider-source explained to 9to5 reporters why Apple doesn't rely on iCloud backups in its stores.

"Sure, iCloud backups are perfect for backing up each night, but for Genius Bars that need to quickly move through the constant flow of customer visits, backups to distant iCloud servers simply take too long", reports the tech website.

The local servers take far less time and are also designed to help customers who don't have iCloud accounts. Reportedly, Apple plans to test this system sometime next summer.

Source: 9to5Mac (opens in new tab)

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