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Apple Wins Original iTunes Store Patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just awarded Apple a new patent, this time relating to the functionality of iTunes. As Patently Apple reports, the patent describes a "graphical user interface for browsing, searching and presenting media items."

This improved graphical interface is also suitable for previewing and purchasing media items "in an on-line manner." Apple filed this patent back in 2004, when its on-line store was known as the iTunes Music Store.

Now that the new graphical interface patent is secured, the end user is just awaiting the new stages of development in iTunes. Previously, tech journalists have suggested that Apple might be working on a heavily redesigned (opens in new tab)iTunes Store and App Store (opens in new tab).

The enhancements are believed to deliver a "much more engaging experience", and users will be able to find their preferred items much easier.

Since Apple filed this patent, iTunes has changed compared to the original version. Initially, iTunes was focussed on selling music and in the later years, Apple expanded the iTunes' content dramatically. The company now delivers movies, television shows and much more.

iTunes has now been synchronised with the desktop and portable devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. iTunes has grown in popularity, until it became the largest music store in the online world.

Source: Patently Apple (opens in new tab)

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