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‘Call Of Duty’ Used As Training By Norway Shooter

Yesterday a Norwegian court was told that shooter Anders Behring Breivik trained for last summer's massacre by playing World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In a killing spree that left 77 dead, Breivik claimed to have practiced his shots on Call of Duty - using a "holographic aiming device" bought especially for the game.

"If you are familiar with a holographic sight, it's built up in such a way that you could have given it to your grandmother and she would have been a super marksman. It's designed to be used by anyone. In reality it requires very little training to use it in an optimal way. But of course it does help if you've practised using a simulator," said Breivik, as reported by The Guardian (opens in new tab).

Breivik also told the court that he took what he called a "sabbatical" between 2006 and 2007, committing his free time to playing World of Warcraft - spending up to 16 hours a day on the MMO. However, he was adamant that WoW was completely irrelevant to the attacks that occurred last year.

He said: "Some people like to play golf, some like to sail, I played WoW. It had nothing to do with 22 July. It's not a world you are engulfed by. It's simply a hobby."

Using his games hobby as a cover to live in isolation in order to focus his efforts on the forthcoming killings, showing no remorse Breivik also said: "The goal was not to kill 69 people on Utøya. The goal was to kill them all."

Killing 69 people on the island Utøya as well as another eight in a car bomb in Oslo, Breivik has committed one of the country's deadliest attacks since the Second World War.

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